CRYSTAL CANVAS Game Graphics – CCGG competition
within: 6th Mediations Biennale in Poznań
and PGA – Poznań Game Arena
date: 12-14.10.2018
curated by: Aleksandra Lison
Digital artists, painters & designers are asked for attention!
We invite you to take part in:
Crystal Canvas Game Graphics
digital art competition
that is organized by:
Mediations Biennale Foundation,
in collaboration with:
PGA – Poznań Game Arena
GIC – Game Industry Conference
Indie Games Poland Foundation.
Use your skills and imagination, and create a concept art that will amaze everyone! There is a highly
qualified jury, there are amazing awards, the only thing that’s missing is Your Entry!
The competition is ongoing until 20.09.2018.
The grand opening and the awards ceremony will take place at the Poznan International Fair during
Poznań Game Arena and Game Industry Conference.
For details check CCGG tab