Program Performance

01.10.2016 – 17:30
Nowa Gazownia, Ewangelicka 1 Street

GIOVANNI FONTANA – Performance i Poezja


In the performance space, the poet transforms himself into a poly-artist: he takes possession of electronic, videographic practices, of the cinema, photography, of the sonorous universe (besides music), of the theatrical dimension (besides the theatre), of the rhythmic universe. The figure of this poly-artist widens and enervates the boundaries of poetry, through a different conception of the materiality of language, supported by the voice.
The polyartist then, is the creator and the actor of “Hyperpoetry”. With his gesture, his energy, his relentless pressure, the poetic body undergoes subsequent processes of reorganization and it is subject to a progressive plastic modeling, so that, in reference to the “genotypic” structure of the score and to the evolutionary phases of the action poetry, one might speak of œ”Epigenetic poetry”.
Giovanni Fontana

Poema Bonotto, Vimeo

Giovanni Fontana

Born in 1946 in Frosinone (Latium), Italy

Artist, writer, performer, sound and visual poet, he has been dealing for 40 years with multicode languages, intermedia techniques and synaestesiae. Theorist of the “epigenetic poetry”, he is interested in the relationships between arts, starting from sound & visual matrices.
He has taken a University degree in Architecture and has carried on his studies in the artistic and musical fields. With regard to the dramatic field he has been active as a playwriter and occasionally as a director; he is interested in electronic arts and audiovisuals and has particularly paid attention to the different aspects and ways of cultural communication, especially taking into account the problems concerning the technological field.

During the last 40 years he has carried out his performances in hundreds of festivals of New Poetry and Electronic Arts in Europe, in America, in Asia.
He wrote lyrics for many musicians, including the Oscar award winner Ennio Morricone.

He is the founder of the review La Taverna diAuerbach and of the sound poetry review Momo, he belongs to the editorial staff of Doc(k)s (France), Inter-Art actuel (Canada) and he is the editor of Territori. He was part of the editorial board of “Altri Termini”, “Tam Tam” (the magazine of the poet Adriano Spatola) and of the magazine of phonetic poetry “Baobab”.

Among his records are the CDs Il gioco delle voci (2000), Hypervox, antologia sonora 1968-2009 (2009), Corpo a corpo (2012), and the sound poetry anthologys La voce in movimento (2003) and Verbivocovisual – Antologia di poesia sonora 1964-2004 (2004). This year, the record company
“Recital” (Los Angeles) released a 33 rpm LP titled “Epigenetic Poetry”. Among his books are the plays Tutuomini (1972, in coll.), Sturtizia (1972, in coll.), Ticoshow-Tacoshow (1973), the score-text Radio/Dramma (1977), the visual poetry works Le lamie del labirinto (1981) and L’uomo delle pulizie (1984), the collection of poetry Scritture lineari (1986), the micronarrative plaquette Homaly Altrove (1990), the poem La discarica fluente (1997), the sound-novels Tarocco Meccanico (1990) and Chorus (2000), the score poem Frammenti d’ombre e penombre (2005), the critical essays La voce in movimento (2003), Poesia della voce e del gesto (2004), Le dinamiche nomadi della performance (2007), In forma di libro / I libri di Adriano Spatola (2008), L’opera plurale: intermedialitĂ , drammaturgia delle arti, poesia d’azione (2009), Le Arti del Suono / Poetiche fonetiche ed altre (2012), Italian Performance Art (2015, in coll.). Other books: Testi e pre-testi (2009), Wasted time (2011), …che digerisce l’anima (2012), Questioni di scarti (2012), Déchets (2014), etc.

02.10.2016 – 12.00 p.m.
Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu, Aleje Marcinkowskiego 9 Street


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