(photo: Witold Gawłowicz)
Ireneusz Kuriata

Sound, idea:

“You cannot step twice into the same river”. Apparently in digital art the algorithms responsible for random sound events are not truly random. They are in fact a mathematical simulation of randomness, however their complex mechanism does not allow us to sense it and our psyche perceive the generated events as random. The steady, artificial repeatability of sound causes in turn a subjectively interpreted perception, as if our mind would persistently attempt to humanize the occurrence.

Current fields of interest as artist:

In graphics: Graphic design as autonomous and free language of expression for commenting culture, literature and music. Search for individual synthetic forms of expression typical for graphic design language, based on geometrical proportion systems, modular meshes and typography.

In sound: Search for rhythmic, random and ambient structures based on electronic methods of sound synthesis, sampling and glitching.


Idea and visuals: Andreas Guskos
Sound: Irek Kuriata